If you are here, you have more than likely chosen Empty Frames Photography to take your photos. I hope you are beyond stoked with them. I know the instinct is to ask for a CD and print at Wal Mart, or CVS. Which is a fair way of thinking. Prices of professional quality prints have always been high in price, and you have probably found yourself saying, "You really can't tell a difference."

       Well, let me tell you, there is a difference. A very big difference in the color, the quality of the paper, and the time spent in creating custom products for you. The good news is…..The professional prints you buy from Empty Frames Photography aren't as expensive as you might think. Actually they are only a fraction small amount more than the prints you would buy from Wal Mart and other labs of that nature. 

       I put together a small tutorial on how to buy prints from Empty Frames Photography. 

I hope this helps,

Thanks so much,



Locate the green "Buy" box above the right corner above of each images.

By choosing the "Photos from this Gallery" option it ensures you that only images in the gallery of interest to you are shown for your selection.

By default it automates to 4x6 print sizes. By choosing the change product option you are able to select other sizes and products. Including, Canvas, prints, mounted prints, metal prints, and other print materials.

This options box appears after selecting "Change Products" allowing you to do just that, Change the product.

Select one.

Or…Select many

After adding photos to cart a typical e-commerce style page comes up where your can pay via paypal, or any major credit card company.

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